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As well as providing tree services, Timmins Tree Surgery Ltd are dedicated to the preservation and management of trees.

Tree Surgery Blog

Welcome to our Tree Surgery Blog about tree care, where we talk about how to keep trees healthy and looking good. Tree care is important because it helps our environment and makes our gardens and parks beautiful.

In this blog, we will share easy tips and stories about taking care of trees, whether you’re just someone who loves their garden or someone who works with trees for a living. We’ll talk about how to spot when a tree is sick, how to help it get better, and how to keep it healthy.

Our goal is to help everyone understand more about trees and how to take care of them, so they can grow strong and tall for many years. Join us as we learn together about the amazing world of trees and how we can take care of them better.

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sycamore and london plane

Pruning Difference between Sycamore and London Plane

If you’re lucky enough to have a sycamore or London plane tree gracing your yard, it’s important to properly care for them to ensure their ...
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pruning london plane trees

How To Prune London Planes: Shape Your City Trees

If you’re a proud owner of London Plane trees, ensuring their health and aesthetic appeal is essential. Regular tree maintenance is vital to keep your ...
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urban tree care

Stop Lime Aphids Naturally: The Power Of Pruning

If you’re an urban tree owner, you know the importance of maintaining healthy trees. One of the greatest threats to your lime trees is aphids. ...
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lime tree pruning

Lime Tree Pruning: Tips for a Vibrant Canopy and Blossoms

If you’re a lime tree owner, you know that proper pruning is crucial for maintaining optimal tree health, lush growth, and abundant blooms. However, when ...
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tips for the silver birch

Prune Your Silver Birch Right: Tips for Disease Prevention

Discover expert tips for pruning your Silver Birch to prevent disease and promote tree health. Learn the best techniques for effective and safe tree maintenance ...
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pruning silver birch trees

Perfecting Your Silver Birch: Pruning Tips for a Stunning Landscape

If you are a proud owner of silver birch trees, you understand how their elegant appeal can complement your landscape. To maintain their beauty year-round, ...
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maintaining hornbeam trees

Maintaining Hornbeam Trees: Pruning for Health and Structure

If you want your hornbeam trees to thrive and look their best, proper maintenance is key. One essential aspect of hornbeam tree care is pruning, ...
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hornbeam tree pruning

Hornbeam Tree Pruning: Shaping Hedges and Specimens

If you have hornbeam trees in your garden or are considering planting them, you need to know the essential tips and techniques for pruning hornbeam ...
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tips for sycamore trees

Pruning Techniques and Tips for Sycamore Trees

If you want to maintain healthy and vibrant sycamore trees in your garden, proper pruning is essential. Pruning helps to remove dead or damaged branches, ...
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