Tree Surgery Services

We take care of everything, from providing advice at the outset through to the successful completion of your project.

Tree Surgery Services

Timmins Tree Surgery Ltd provide professional Tree Surgery Services and support for every phase of your project, when you work with our tree surgeons and specialists you are in safe hands we will take care of everything from providing advice at the outset through to the successful completion of your project.

Our customers and clients are always our priority and we pride ourselves on being referred by our happy clients on a regular basis from all over the North East.

We provide a range of Arboricultural services.

If you have any questions about your tree or vegetation management issues (private or business), do not hesitate to contact us or call on 07741 674949 we are here to help you.

Timmins Tree Surgeons
Durham, Newcastle and Northumberland.

Commercial Tree Surgery Services

Commercial Tree Surgery

We offer a comprehensive range of Commercial Tree Surgery Services.

Domestic Tree Surgery

Domestic Tree Surgery

We carry out standard domestic tree surgery.

Our commercial and domestic Tree surgery Services

Our Tree surgery Services
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    Formative Pruning

    Formative tree pruning helps to train young trees to develop into a strong and well shaped trees later in their life. Whilst many trees will naturally form their adult shape as they grow, other needs a little assistance to create a clear trunk and a well-spaced canopy of branches. It is important to note that formative pruning is essential for fruit bearing trees as a balanced shape with strong branches is better able to support heavy crops. The amount of tree pruning will vary according to the variety and rootstock of the fruit tree, but generally some level of formative should be applied to all fruit trees from one year old and continue for four or five years, we can assist and guide you on what is best for your fruit tree.

    Crown Cleaning / Dead wooding

    The crown of your tree, or ‘canopy’, may need tending to. We deal with the removal of diseased, dying, or dead wood in the tree’s crown. This procedure may also involve, dead wooding, which refers to the similar process of removing diseased, dying, or dead wood/limbs from the crown of the tree. Leaving these issues unattended to could result in a hazardous environment. So look out for signs that work may need done to your tree; such as limbs rubbing across each other, or poor formations under the canopy.

    Crown Reduction

    Crown reductions may be necessary to remove diseased, dying, or dead branches or to reduce the overall size of a tree where its casting too much shadow or is in direct contract with another tree or building.

    Crown Lifting

    If you’re having trouble with lower branches interacting with the area, such as colliding with vehicles, Stan Timmins provides a service that will increase the clearance between the ground and lower branches. Please note that UK highway regulations state that clearance over a highway must be 5.2 meters and 2.5 meters over a footway.

    Storm Damage Work

    The aftermath of a storm can be hazardous and dangerous to deal with. So please, rely on Stan Timmins and their trained professionals to clear up trees which are left in an unsafe or unstable manner. We are able to work quickly and confidently, and use advanced techniques and tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

    Sectional Dismantling of Dead, Dangerous and Diseased Trees

    We provide a service for efficient and quick dismantling of dead, dangerous, or diseased trees. This service is usually needed when trees are dead, dangerous, storm damaged, overhanging buildings, or on sites with difficult access or confined spaces.

    Large Tree Removal

    In some cases, large trees cannot be ignored and need to be dealt with for the health and safety of the community. There are hazards which can lead to accidents and unacceptable damage to the ground. Some large trees carry a large amount of stress in trunks and limbs, and the resulting forces contained in stress branches can lead to injury or death. In order to ensure that debris falls in a controlled fashion and minimise damage to the ground we use rigging systems.

    Hedge Maintenance

    While you may own a hedge, you might be unaware that most formal hedges such as Beech, conifer and privet require reshaping twice a season at the very least in order to keep them looking at their best. Because of this, new property owners having to deal with the aftermath of a neglected hedge is a common case. The experts at Stan Timmins and Sons Ltd know how to deal with the problem promptly, depending on the species of tree involved.

    Site Clearance

    Site clearance is normally carried out in order to make way for new developments or to clear a plot of land. This can involve tree felling, stump grinding and scrub / shrub clearance in order to provide a good clear site ready for the next stage of construction or landscaping.

    Target Pruning

    Target pruning is a process which involves removing material that is no longer contributing to the tree’s health, such as crossing or rubbing branches. The branches will interfere with each other, damaging the tree and creating potential hazards. Target pruning may also be undertaken to resolve situations where a branch on a tree is in direct contact with another object i.e. building, shed, greenhouse etc.

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