Domestic Tree Surgery

Our domestic tree surgery services are simple and clear for our customers and all mess is removed at the end of the job.

Domestic Tree Surgery

Timmins Tree Surgery Ltd will take care of your garden and property. We carry out standard domestic tree surgery as follows:

Client Contacted

We aim to respond to all initial client enquiries within 24 hours of receiving your initial contact to us in order to arrange an appointment that is convenient for you. This appointment allows us to discuss your requirements.

Site Visit

During the pre-arranged appointment / site visit, we will discuss all of your requirements and the most appropriate methods for achieving your objectives.

Written Quotation

Following our initial site visit, we will send you a written quotation either by email or post, which will outline the specification for the works you have requested. This will also include the terms and conditions relating to your quotation.

Quotation Accepted

Once you have accepted our written quotation, we will contact your Local Authority to confirm whether the intended works are affected by a Conservation Area or a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Should the intended works be affected by a Conservation area or TPO, then we will apply for permission on your behalf and supply the Local Authority with a proposal / planning application for the intended works. Please note this process can take up to six weeks in the case of a Conservation Area and eight weeks in the case of a TPO.

Works Date Arranged

Assuming that the Local Authority has no objections to the proposed works, we will arrange a suitable day for the works to be completed.

Completion of Works

Before work commences on site, one of the company directors will complete a site specific risk assessment and brief the team accordingly. We will double check that you are satisfied with the works carried out prior to the completion of works on site.

Invoice Issued

Once works have been completed on site, we will issue a written invoice.

Tree Surgery Services

Our Domestic Tree Surgery Services include but are not limited to the following.

  • Formative Pruning.
  • Crown Cleaning / Deadwooding.
  • Crown Reduction.
  • Crown Lifting.
  • Storm Damage Work.
  • Sectional Dismantling of Dead, Dangerous and Diseased Trees.
  • Large Tree Removal.
  • Hedge Maintenance.
  • Site Clearance.
  • Target Pruning.
  • Veteran Tree Management.

Please note we are able to carry out work on highway trees and hold the relevant qualifications to enable us to install and maintain the traffic management required when undertaking the work.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about your garden or the work that may be involved please do not try and deal with it yourself, contact us for a free consultation on 07741 674949, send us a message online or message us via Facebook.

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